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What's the difference between a web designer and a web developer, and which do I need?

A web designer focuses a little more on the front end of a website, similar to the cover of a book, the blurb on the back, or the inside jacket flap copy. Front end designers focus on design, looks, colors, image placement, font, and those types of things.

A web developer focuses a little more on the back end of a website, similar to the inside story. How usable and enjoyable is it? Back end developers focus on capabilities, functionality, and efficiency. They help create a sleek user experience to match the design.

I am both a web designer and a web developer, but I consider myself more of a designer because the level of expertise that most long-time developers have is far superior than mine. Plus, I enjoy the design work a lot more!

Why should I hire a web designer when I could create a site myself?

Anyone could create a website. There are tons of free places to help you learn how to customize their templates. But would it be professional? Would it speak to who you are, what you stand for, and showcase your personality?

A professional web designer will be able to create a custom template just for you. It won't look like a template at all. It will be a one-and-only original just for you. And just as your readers expect a certain voice from you, shouldn't you match that voice with a website that is uniquely yours? I think so. You deserve it.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for making my own updates, and do you offer that as an option?

Yes, I offer self-editing options. You would be able to edit the text and images on your pages I create. If you wanted to add another page later on, there would be a fee of $50 per page, which you would still be able to edit. You would be a good candidate to update your own site if you...

How much does a website cost?

There are many costs associated with having a website. The four main costs are:

  1. DOMAIN NAME - This is the unique name of your URL that is typed in a web browser's search box. Must renew annually if you want to keep it active. [RANGE: $10-$35/yr]
  2. SITE CREATION - This is where the bulk of the cost is. The good thing is that it's a one-time fee. A great way to spend that first advance! [RANGE: $700-$7,000/1x]
  3. HOSTING - This is what allows the site to be live and accessed by anyone in the world with an Internet connection. [RANGE: $10-$25/mo]
  4. UPDATES - This is necessary when you publish your next book, which will happen much faster if you hire someone to create your site for you. [RANGE: $0-$25/hr]