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Fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you in three business days. It only takes about 5-10 minutes. Thank you for your interest in Write the Next Book Web Designs.

Please tell me a little about your writing publications and goals.

Which type of website are you looking for?

How many pages do you think you will need?

Would you like the ability to edit your website yourself (one-time flat rate of $80)?

If YES, how tech savvy are you? Check all that apply.

What kind of time frame are you on for when you'll need your new website?

What is your budget?

What style or feel are you trying to portray? (You may check more than one.)

List a few author websites that have features, layouts, or styles that you like.

List any websites that have features or styles that you do NOT like.

Please describe any images you have that you would like included on the website.

Will you need, or would you like, additional photos or illustrations?

How do you plan on maintaining updates for your website after it goes live?

Write the Next Book Web Designs will maintain future updates at an hourly rate
of $25 per hour, billed only when one hour's worth of work has been accumulated.

I will self-maintain my site through the Content Management System provided for
a one-time $80 flat fee, which will allow me to change text and images at will. I understand I may also purchase the $80 option at a later date, but that the price could increase.